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20 July 2003

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Guaifenesin Sources


Health Products Express, Inc. (800) 846-5525  in Massachusetts sells 200 mg guaifenesin without a prescription. Here is a direct link to their guaifenesin page.  Those on the protocol can have a 15% discount for all our salicylate-free products and free shipping.  When ordering on-line put "-GM" at the end of your name such as Mary Smith-GM
Free shipping is for US parcel Post or First Class only.  If ordering by phone mention that you read about their store at  Once you have been identified in this way, your discount will be automatic.

WebRx Pharmacy Palace Thomas A. Savino, RPh Offers the 600mg LA tabs with no office visit required.

Unicare Pharmacy (800) 438-2014 600 mg tablets with a prescription. Omaha, NE

Fludan Fine Chemicals Inc. (613) 678-5837 (sells powder form only and empty capsules).

United States - Available in 200 mg tablets over the counter in the US, and in 600 mg tablets by prescripion,

Bemis Drug (781) 878-0893 Contact Bill Sells. 200 mg pills without prescription, 600 mg tablets with prescription.

College Pharmacy (800) 888-9358 Fax (719) 262-0036 Colorado Springs, CO. Pete Hueseman, Pharmacist. Sells 600 mg pills with prescription.

Hyrex Pharmaceuticals (800) 238-5282 Memphis, TN Sells Hytuss 200 mg over the counter.

Marina del Rey Pharmacy (310) 823-5311 Jim Zelenay, Pharmacist 4558 So. Admiralty Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292 Fax (310) 577-7562 Will ship guaifenesin worldwide to those with a prescription.

Medi-Mail (800) 422-6579 Phone number for physicians to call in prescriptions: (800) 648-6834 Las Vegas, NV

Liquid guai is available for low dosers at Total Healthcare, 66 2nd Ave, NY, NY 10003. Call 212 473-0500. One teaspoon provides 100mg. It's sugar-free, alcohol-free, and requires no refrigeration or prescription. Ask for Igal or email for information.

Canada - No prescription is required, but only powdered form is available.

For those of you on higher doses, have you tried the powder guai which you put in your own capsules? It's the cheapest guai around, and available from Fluden. and WILER Fine Chemicals, Ontario (1-800-668-9453).

Sovereign Pharmaceuticals (519) 439-1413 1064 Adelaide St. N. London Ontario Canada

International Mail Sources

Dalkeith Village Pharmacy, 600mg OTC tablets. No prescription required. 81 Waratah Ave, Dalkieth Western Australia 6009,   Phone orders for Australians (08) 9386 3625, International Phone orders: 618-9386-3625, FAX orders for Australians: (08) 9386 8962, International FAX orders : 61893868962

The Garden Pharmacy Ships all over. No Prescription needed for 600mgs pills. 119 Long Acre Covent Garden London WC2E 9PB Phone: 020 7836 1007 FAX: 020 7379 5194

For Further Information on guaifenesin sources or

Books & Tapes

Basic Protocol Information

cover Dr. St. Amand's and Claudia Marek's book on guaifenesin, the 'Bible' of the protocol, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia"

cover Dr. St. Amand's and Claudia Marek's new book on pediatric fibromyalgia, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pediatric Fibromyalgia"

Dr. St. Amand's Mapping Video can be purchased from The Fibromyalgia Treatment Center at: This is a professionally done video-tape, especially made for instruction. There are two versions available;

1 - All the material for a new patient and physician AND the mapping demonstration for $20.00

2 - Just the mapping demonstration for $10.00

Both orders require $3.50 shipping and handling for priority mail and they
are filled within a 10 days of being received.  Payment must be by check or money order.  All money earned by the sales of the tapes is donated to
Fibromyalgia Research.

Orders should be sent to: The Fibromyalgia Treatment Center, Post Office Box 7223, Santa Monica, CA. 90406

Other Books & Tapes

Devin Starlanyl MD,  author of the classic on fibromyalgia, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual has an informative website at She has fibromyalgia and follows the guaifenesin protocol herself.

Sue Jones talks about about the personal side of Fibro, "Parting the Fog"

Guai Logo Products                        

We have opened a new Guai Shop which sells a variety of guai-related products.  The Guai Shop sells mugs, T-shirts and other apparel, mousepads, and totebags, all with guai-related logos. There is a 30 day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee on all products sold at the Guai Shop, so you have nothing to lose.  Check out all of the products at the Guai Shop, or if you are looking for a specific logo, use the links below to save time by only loading the products you want to see.  Credit cards, checks and money orders accepted. 

"Guai, Guaifenesin and" logos - Mugs, mousepads, T-shirts, etc.  Credit cards, checks and money orders accepted.

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"Out! Out! Damn Phosphates!™" logo - Mugs, mousepads, T-shirts, etc. Credit cards, checks and money orders accepted.

Cosmetics - Here are several sites which feature sal-free cosmetic products. Dee, who runs this site, is especially knowledgable about all aspects of cosmetics.   She will gladly answer your questions, and even make up products to fit your needs.. 

Andrea Rose Salicylate Free Skin Care (888)-712-7673,

Paula Begoun Products: 1-800-831-4088   Paula's site has a special page devoted to sal-free products


CLICK HERE TO BUY What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia: The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse the Disease FROM AMAZON.COM

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