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27 January 2003

To Guai or Not to Guai

Deciding if the Protocol is Right for You

This is a very personal decision to make, and it is often very difficult to decide whether to make the commitment to a new medical treatment of regime.  The guaifenesin protocol is certainly no exception to this.  A few of us would like to tell you why me made the choice to begin the guai protocol.  Hopefully this will be helpful to those trying to make this difficult choice.

I am taking Guai since 2 years now and I am feeling much better!

I discovered it in internet, when I was feeling horrible! My whole body was hurting me. I could almost move my neck. A doctor from here told me I had Myalgia, something I never heard about. The same evening I went to look in internet what this was and I discovered about Fybromialgia in I was amazed to see that all the symptoms I had were connected to FMS. After this I discovered Dr. St Almand's protocol and I tried it myself. No other doctors helped me recover. Since 2 years I am taking Amid La, 1 tablet a day. Now I really feel much better!  Thanks to Guai my life changed!

Isa de Luca

When I first heard of Guai it was in a short article about how Dr St Amand and his nurse Claudia had gotten well and had treated his daughters and her sons and made them well, I decided THERE MUST BE SOMETHING TO THIS!!!

And I started guai in 9/99. I didn't have a doc, a book and I wasn't online, but I persevered and I gradually felt -- not so much better---but I felt less worse each day. I am now at 14 months 90% reversed.

Jane Branch PA

I was not looking for a treatment when I stumbled onto the original guaifenesin protocol website in Geocities.  I had given up of ever really feeling well again.  My life was just a series of struggles trying to drag myself through the days.  I had been chronically ill for 34 years.  When I found that site, the thing that amazed me was that my particular health problems were described so perfectly.   It seemed like all of my symptoms were being put together into one syndrome.   I had never seen any discussion like that before.  All of the problem which I had seemed pretty much unconnected; yet here they all were in one place.

I couldn't believe that there was a group of people who I could actually communicate with; who would not think I was 'nuts'; who would actually understand.  It was incredible.  And the greatest miracle of all; there was a treatment!  I started the protocol becasue I found 'myself' at that site.   Because of this, I knew that the protocol would work for me, and it has.

Rita Wondrak, Webmaster

...I had put a message on the FM forum on the net, and a person mailed me privately and sent the address of the main page at GG. Since then I read and read as much as I could and I finally made my decision after 4 months of reading and researching, to start on the Guaifenisen Protocol. I started my guai on November 1/2000 at 300mg's 2 times a day. I had the best 6 days I have had in years when I started it,   I finally felt alive again like I wasn't just existing anymore. After those 6 days I started to cycle and if I was skeptical about this Protocol, I'm not anymore. I had the cycle from hell for almost another week and then I had a few hours here and there. I am so happy now and I think of it almost like having a baby at least I'm going to get something for my pain. I am going to reverse this DD and yes it's going to take me 6 years to do it as I'm 43 right now. I know it works now and there is no turning back as I want to feel like I did those first 6 days again.

-- Sandy

I've been taking the medication since 10/15 and actually became pain free on 11/22 at 5Am... after suffering from Fibromyalgia for 13 years. My head is clear, my memory is improving, my legs can carry me up a flight of stairs, my muscles don't sting and my clothes don't hurt me. I feel like Robert DeNiro in the movie "The Awakening" because I have so much energy and want to do all the things that I've missed all these years. I'm constantly amazed when something doesn't hurt me, or my energy doesn't fail me. I'm appreciating the improvement even more because of the holiday season. Usually I dread the shopping and commitments and would rather stay in bed with covers over my head until it's all over. This year is totally different, I don't even remember feeling pain free anymore.. so all of this feels new.

Cheryl Lerardi, Long Island, NY

I am a support group leader for fms/guai with 2 new groups in Florida. I am so frustrated by the research doctors that I have read on the web who are against the guai protocol. I have no medical background, but I do what some doctors do not, I listen to these people. They all have the same symptoms, and you would not believe the different ways they are being treated. They are in different age groups; the child-bearing years, the middle age, the past 55, and oh yes the men too. With all this, let me say I have my own research going and the doctors or general public may say there is nothing to the guai protocol, but there is. We have been told it's all in their heads, it's not, you can look at these people, and see a difference, not only do we take their word, but we look at the family members, or their caregiver. We can and do see a difference, so until you come up with something better, I'll be one of the first to say "give the guaifenesin a try". For 5 years, I tried this and that, doc after doc.              

-Jean in Florida


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