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This site is a part of the guaifenesin protocol support and education effort. Guaifenesin is currently being used to treat what we call, the DD (damn disease). The DD is also known by other names; it is sometimes called fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue syndrome, or growing pains. It's often described as 'the result of sleep deprivation' or 'just in your head'. But we know better. For most of us on the guai protocol, our problems are not just in our heads, or even just around our heads, it eventually pretty much covers our whole bodies, eventually confronting us with a variety of symptoms and syndromes which overwhelms every facet of our lives.

If this all sounds familiar, and you'd like to learn more about the DD, you've come to the right place.  We have information at this site about the protocol and guaifenesin itself, and we have links to the major sites that comprise the guai support effort on the web. Get a copy of our guaifenesin info sheet for a summary of the most current information available.


Our focus at this site will be on helping to give the DD a clearer face.  Since this site will be an entry point for many just finding out about the guai protocol, we will primarily serve as an anchor to the protocol on the web; a place where links to the other guai sites can be found and where newbies to the protocol can get a good start.  Here are links to the protocol's major Internet sites, and we have a special collection of pages with information of interest to those on the protocol.  Mostly these deal with other treatments which may help to support the work of guaifenesin.  We also have many testimonials from those who have tried the protocol. 

We hope that you will not find yourself here, that you are free from the DD, but if that is not the case, make yourself confortable, find out about others who share your pain, your sorrows, your history and so much more. But most of all we want to share with you a happy ending to your illness. If this is your first time here, you might want to check out the my experiences page, to learn more about the site and your webmaster. To learn more about the DD and the guai protocol go to about guai and guai protocol.


Fibromyalgia Treatment - Dr. R. Paul St. Amand's (the developer of the guai protocol)  site. The very best place to start. Contains many helpful resources. His book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia: The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse the Disease details the protocol and gives the history of it's development, clear explainations, answers to many questions, etc..this site is also the home of the official protocol support group. .


Basic Protocol Instructions can be found at:

Guai shop, a shopping guide to those using guai, contains information about  guaifenesin sources, Dr. St. Amand's Mapping Video, books, and gives links to other items which you might wish to purchase.  

The Guai Shop, a new store that sells guaifenesin logo products.  It features a variety of items, like mugs, T-shirts, and totebags, all with guai related logos. Also check out the store for your gift-giving needs, since guai logo products are a great and painless way to spread awareness and understanding about the protocol among your friends and loved ones.

Mappers, Doctors and Other Practioners using the Protocol can be found at:'s.htm or

Information on Sal-Free Products and Sal Full Ingredients (these must be avoided on the protocol) : :

A new group for those on a low dose of guai (below 300mg twice a day) is at  

A group for those dealing with UK products is at

Suggestions or comments are welcome.  Feel free to send any information about links which are dead or should be added to this site. 

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