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We welcome you to the website. This site is a part of the guaifenesin protocol support and education effort. Guaifenesin is currently being used to treat what we call, the DD (damn disease). If you came here seeking information about the use of guaifenesin as a therapy for fibromyalgia, and other similar conditions, here's a link to, one of the main guaifenesin protocol support sites.  At you can find all of the information needed to begin the protocol, along with many useful guai links.

Most of those on the guaifenesin protocol also find it very useful to join an e-mail support list. You're invited to join Guaifenesin at YahooGroups, a user-friendly 'support forum'.. The group's website can be found at: Those not currently on the protocol, but seeking information, will also find it useful while trying to decide if the protocol is for them; so feel free to join and ask questions.  To subscribe to the list send a blank e-mail to or visit the group's website above.


The Damn Disease is also known by other names; it is sometimes called fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue syndrome, or growing pains. It's often described as 'the result of sleep deprivation' or 'just in your head'. But we know better. For most of us on the guai protocol, our problems are not just in our heads, or even just around our heads, it usually pretty much covers our whole bodies, eventually confronting us with a variety of symptoms and syndromes which overwhelms every facet of our lives.

If this all sounds familiar, but you'd like to learn more about the DD, you've come to the right place. We will have a variety of resources at this site to contribute to the DD support effort, but our specific focus will be on helping to give the DD a clearer face. We have biographies of many who suffer from the DD, and who have found the guai protocol. Finding out about their struggles, and how they came to the point where they decided to give the guai protocol a try, is an education in itself. 

We hope that you will not find yourself here, that you are free from the DD, but if that is not the case, make yourself confortable,
find out about others who share your pain, your sorrows, your history and so much more.  But most of all we want to share with you a happy ending to your illness.  If this is your first time here, check out the 1st times page to learn more about the site and your webmaster. To learn more about the DD and the guai protocol go to about guai and guai protocol.  To find out about us, go to our stories.  You can use our search to find a particular topic..


Would you like to be put on the guaifenesin mailing list? 

Those on the list will be sent an occasional "Newsletter for the Guaifenesin and Sal-Free Mailing List", giving infromation about new guaifenesin Internet resources, and news about the guai support effort




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