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  Sal Information Database 


There has been a problem with the server where the database is currently hosted.

Because of this, it will be necessary to move the database. 

We suggest that you use the following sal lists until the database is opened again.

Sal-Free Products:

Sal-Free Ingredients List:

Sal-Full Products List (These must be avoided on the protocol):

Sal-Unsure List:


There are many things that you can do with the information in the database.  Most people will be interested in checking out the information already in the database.  Go here for a list of the reports that are available.  If this is your first time using the database, or if you are having problems accessing the data, check out the instructions first.  Even if you are used to using databases, please check out the instructions first, our database has a few quirks. If you would like to have a general look at all of the database options, log into the database directly and look around.  Many options which you see are available to use, but others are reserved only for the database administrators. 

You may submit new items to the database for consideration by our administrators by using this form.  If you would like to add comments to an item already in the database, perhaps you feels you blocked on something listed as sal--free, for example.  To do this use our update form.   Normally to update an item in the database, you will need to enter it's ID number, and those pieces of information which you are changing.  A common change made is to add information to the comments information for an item.  You might want to say how good a product is, or that it made you itch.  These submissions will be reviewed by our moderators and added to the comments section at their discretion. 

If you feel you would like to help out the database effort with more than an occcasional entry, there are ways to get more involved.  If a person has some special expertise, or wishes to help they can e-mail the main database administrator at  People who submit many entries, may be contacted and asked to act as administrators for sections of the database.  We're hoping that the database will grow and develop into a really useful resource for the guai community.  Ideally many people will take part.

General Information About Sals

Under Construction


General Reports

Database Instructions

Here are some general directions for using our database.

If all you want is one of the standard reports listed at the left, click on the link to the report.  Once you have gone to the report page, there will be no instructions there, so return using your 'back' button here if you need more information.  Please be patient with reports that contain many items, they will take a minute or two to display.

At the top of the database pages, there is a box which is labeled 'FIND".  This can be used to locate specific records in the databse.  Just enter whatever keywords you are looking for here.  It works like a search for all of the records in the database.  On the upper left of the database pages you will find links labeled 'main', 'list', and 'views'.  'Main' takes you to a page with all of the possible reports, 'list' will list out all of the records in the database.  These are the only features you would normally use.  Others features require status as a database moderator. 

Once you have your requested data on the screen, you can request the same data in several different formats, 'spreadsheet', 'print-friendly', 'refine view', and 'clear flags'.  "Spreadsheet' will reformat the data in a spread sheet format, 'print-friendly' will reformat the data into a format suitable for printing, 'refine view' will allow you to further refine your report selection by using additonal criteria.  For example, if you have requested the product list, all products in the database will appear on the report.  To see only shampoos, click on 'refine view' and then enter 'shampoo' as part of the selection criteria.  Then click on 'display' to see the new report.  You will not be able to save your report, but you can print it out. Clicking on 'clear flags' removes all of the indications for new records.  These you have not seen before. 

When you have found an item that interests you, you should select the 'view' button on the left side of the item.  This will take you to a page showing only that item.  This is the only way that you will get all of the info on the item, including comments entered by others who have used the product.  This info may halp you decide if a product is right for you. 

Another factor which will be important to you is our information source rating system.

'A'  Authority - Very Reliable
'B' Trusted Source - Has given good information on several products
'C' New and Untested Source - Reports someone's personal experience, but be cautious

Some reports, such as sal information by catagory, will ask for a specific item to display.  In this case 'toothpastes' or 'shampoo' would be possible entries.  Be sure that the word you enter is actually a valid catagory in the database, or you will get no data.  You might want to try listing out a few reports first just to get an idea of how things work. 

If you have any problems, you can email the database moderator at

01. Product List
02. Ingredient List 
Sal-Free Lists
03. Sal-Free Products 
04. Sal-Free Products (US only)
05. Sal-Free Ingredients
Sal-Full Lists
06. Sal-Full Products 
07. Sal-Full Ingredients
Partial Blockers and Uncertain Status List
08. Sal-Status Partial Blockers
09. Sal-Status Uncertain 
Reports of Selected Items
10. Sal Information by Catagory 
10a. Sal Information by ID #
11. Sal Info by Company/Manufacturer 
12. Sal Information by Country 
13. Sal Info by Rating of Info Source

'A'   Authority
'B'  Trusted Source
'C'  New and Untested Source 

Misc. Lists
Products - Revlon
List All, by Name


To update or add your comments to an existing entry go here

Sal-Free?     'Y' sal-free   'N' sal-full   'U' sal status unknown  'P' partial blocker, only block in large amounts or very sensitive people


Country        Catagory


Item Name

Comments on prod/ingred  


Submitted by (your email required)

Any further information for the database administrator

Please press the submit button only once and be patient. 

You will be taken to a response page after your submission has been processed     



To add a product or ingredient to the database go here

Item Number (from database)


Item Name


Submitted by (your email required)

Any information for the database administrator

Please press the submit button only once and be patient. 

You will be taken to a response page after your submission has been processed     



  Sal Information Database 

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